The Friends of the Golden Gate Park Band present the 12th annual Golden Gate Park Band Festival
in the Spreckels Temple of Music on the Music Concourse in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park


JUNE 9, 2018 – Saturday

11:00   –
12:00  –
1:00   –
2:00   –
3:00   –
4:00   –


JUNE 10, 2018 – Sunday

11:00  –
12:00 –
1:00   – Golden Gate Park Band
2:00   – Golden Gate Park Band
3:00   –
4:00   –

This two-day festival and fundraiser is presented by the Friends of the Golden Gate Park Band annually in June and features regional community concert bands. The Friends arrange for professional photographs of these community bands.

The Friends also prepare promotional brochures annually for the Golden Gate Park Band, have designed an attractive t-shirt for the anniversary of the Band that can be purchased by the public, and have published a book on the history of the Golden Gate Park Band.